Wing-It Designs was started in 1986 by two best friends, Alma Bowen and Katherine Warren in Hollywood, FL. Their business consisted mainly of painting floral designs for a local manufacturer and hosting home parties where they displayed and sold their unique and colorful designs. These popular get-togethers are still hosted today by Alma on the South Jersey shore and south Florida. The "dog end" of the business evolved when just one friend asked for their famous show dog to be painted on a T-shirt. From that one T-shirt, the encouragement of many friends, and with the help of the good Lord Himself, Katherine's life-like artwork can be seen sported by many satisfied customers around the world. To date, the Wing-It booth can be seen at many AKC National Specialties and all breed shows, even making the odd appearances at the prestigious Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England, and the occasional family art exhibition in Canada. 


Katherine Carmichael Warren (nee Jephcott) was born and raised in Hudson, Quebec, Canada. Inheriting a natural talent from the many artists in both her maternal and paternal family, Kathie too, displayed the same at a very early age as did her sister Susan (now a renown Canadian artist). Even in grade one, she recalls amazing classmates with her artistic ability. As a result her ability to draw, especially animals has been a source of comfort and self esteem during some very difficult times. She moved to Hollywood, FL, in 1961 where she met her best friend Alma Bowen. In 1963, while keeping company with her terminally ill mother, Kathie would pass the long days sketching the many flowers sent to her mom. It was those many sketches and Alma's exceptional design abilities that encouraged the two friends to start a small fashion design endeavour aptly called "Ally-Kat, Inc.". Since Alma was a graduate of The Moore Art Institute of Philadelphia, a highly regarded fashion design institute, the two cohorts incorporated Alma's wild designs and Kathie's artwork on fabric.

Besides Kathie's enjoyment of art, as a child she also acquired a love for animals, particularly dogs, cats and horses. It was from this fondness for dogs that in 1972 Kathie started showing siberian huskies and German Shorthaired pointers. As previously mentioned, Alma and Kathie started another business in April of 1986 affectionately called Wing-It Designs stemming from the fact that they really weren't sure of what they intended to do, so they would just "wing-it". 

Kathie resided in southern California with her husband Norman and a menagerie of dogs, cats, parrots and guinea fowl amidst fruit and nut trees, flower and vegetable gardens galore. They have since cut down to a couple of loyal cats and 3 dogs and have moved to their beloved Agness, Oregon situated where the Illinois River meets the mighty Rogue River. Paradise…..and of course….flowers and veggies ad infinitum plus many good friends and visits from their children.